Finding a Co author

Hi, I am Zaara and kinda new here. I want to write my first story and I need a writing partner for it. I a few ideas but the coding is just… nevermind. I would really like to work with someone else.


If you are willing to pay then I have seen @Tesbie28 offering co-writing and coding services.

Also I have heared that @nuha.episode is an awesome coder! (Paid)


I need a co writer for a new story i am working on called the babysitter it’s about a high school junior who has a big sister. She set him up with 2 babysitter candidates. The one that is not chosen is not happy. That puts the boy, actual babysitter and the boys girlfriend in danger. I plan for it to be 7 episodes. I need help as I am kind of new to this especially with coding. Some dialogue too. Would like to actually write this togetherm

@Lisa81 Hi lisa. Well I think you already have planned the story. I would like to ask if you want help with coding and all or with writing?

thank you <3


Hey, I’d love to help you!

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Could someone please help me with this thriller story I’m working on please? It’s called the Stalker.

Co author and coding.