Found a partner!


Hey y’all! I would love to have a great writing partner for the story I am currently working on! If you are interested on helping go ahead and reply! I would love some help! :kissing_heart: :heart:


I would love to help you!


Thank you! I’ve always wanted to make a good story and I wanted to share the fun with a partner. I’m a little new, but I have tried making a few short stories on a different episode account!


Oh okay! Well I would love to help with what I can. :slight_smile:


You can totally help! I appreciate it so much! :grin:


No problem! Private message me on this


Here’s the description but we may want to change it: Israel ran from her foster home at 5 years old. Along the way she meets Axel and he teaches her about guns, knives, fighting, and robbing. Will she fall for him? (any other ideas?)


lol sorry
I meant to say that to you alone I have plenty of tabs open right now


I think she should be a bit more older when she runs away just so it can be more realistic and also about what age is Israel and Axel going to be during the story


We could make them teenagers! Good Idea on making her older when she runs away.


Yea that’s a great idea maybe they should be like the same age or if anything him a year or two older.


Yes ma’am! I love the idea!


Is he part of a gang or is he just someone who’s knows about gun and how to use them and things?


What should the description say??


Maybe part of a gang? Do you have an idea for Axel?


Just so I’m familiar of what times to text and all what Time zone are you in?


I think he should be a gang leader.


What if she runs away from her foster home then she ends up in the bad part of town that night and witnesses his gang in a fight and so he takes her so she won’t tell anyone and he can be like sorta mean at first but then they become in love little by little.


Love that! I’m in California so…


Oh that’s perfect I’m in new York so my hours are only 3 ahead of yours!