💎 G4Gs Open ! (no R4Rs) 💎

Haley, a young designer, moved to London for job opportunities. She meets James, a man without a care in the world. What will happen when they become closer? Will he be able to carry her baggage?

Will she get too distracted, or will this be her London boy?

-FULL CC :fire:

-male love interest

-Friends to lovers :heartpulse:

i only have 3 chapters so lmk willing to spend 80 gems!
insta: chloewrites.ep


I’d love to do G4G with you!
How about 12x4?

Here’s my story!

Title : Hot-hearted

Author: missredicon

Genre: Drama

Status: Ongoing

Customization: Full

Description: Allure was tricked into enrolling to a new school. At first everything seemed ordinary, but over time dark secrets began to come to light, and one of them was a mysterious man.

TROPES: bold MC, mysterious LI, slowburn, high school for troubled teens, bisexual MC, LGBT+ themes, strangers to lovers, high school drama, funny banter, he falls first he falls harder, illegal races, motorcycles

LINK: Episode Writer Portal
INSTA: missthing (@missredicon_episode) • Instagram photos and videos


I would love a G4G☺️

TITLE: Avoiding the Eye
AUTHOR: Julie Happier
NR. OF CHAPTERS : 3 (on going)
GENRE: Horror
1MC -male, 1LI - female only, art-scenes, sound and music
DESCRIPTION: After Chris hears about the legend of the haunted mansion in Romania, he is determined to find out the truth. But what happens when he falls in love with an inhuman force?

THE LINK : Episode Writer Portal

Would you like 35x3?
My Instagram is @julymhappier.

Hey!! I’m a little bit low on gems at the moment :sob: would you like to spend 8 gems x 3 chapters if that’s okay with you? :heart:

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Hi, I’ll get back to you once I get my other G4Gs done :smiling_face:

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Sure! No worries🤗

Hiya, are you still doing g4g?

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Hey! I’m readyyy… @reverenccia is my IG handle you can dm me!

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I’ll put you on the waitlist since I have other G4Gs to complete at the moment but I’ll DM you once I’m done if that’s okay with you? :smiling_face:

@Starkiexx @Reverencia

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Hi, I sent you a dm a couple of days ago but you have not responded

I never received a dm from you…

You sure you message @empress.nas


I just message you on instagram

It may have gone into your requests

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I replied to u on instagram. Are y ready to begin the g4G?

I’ll get back to you soon, I’m a little bit busy at the moment with other things :blob_hearts:


If you do not have a skip option, let me know how long each chapter of yours are in minutes as I can’t read long chapters (short attention span)

Ignore the tag, I don’t know the command to @ everyone :smiling_face_with_tear:

@missredicon @NF1 @julyhappier12 @Safi @Reverencia


I have the SKIP BUTTON

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I have a skip button :yellow_heart:

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They are about 10 min long

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I’ll get back to you once I finish G4Gs with other people :smiling_face::heart_hands:

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