GAME: Good, Bad Worse


Bad: The winner gets a getaway to ur least favorite destination,


Worse: You’re accused of cheating and the prize is given to someone else!


Good: you’re playing your favorite video game.


Bad: U were almost winning then the electricity went out.


Worse : You were cooking homemade burritos. Now you’re sad and hungry.


Good: Your Episode story got one million reads.


Bad: Received negative fan mail because the story’s ending was very predictable and full of cliche.


Worse : someone reported your story because one of your characters was half naked


Good: You got your favorite snacks!


Bad: The snacks had food poisoning.


Worse: Now you are deathly sick


(GAME: Good, Bad Worse)

Bad : You can watch it in Danish only. No sub.

@Mary-P Im danish xD
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I was in your country for my sister’s wedding ! :smile:


Lol xD


Good: You find out your crush, is your soulmate


Bad : Your soulmate moved to Alaska


Worse: You find out. he is a serial murder


Good: You’re not going to prison!


Bad : But you’re going in a psychiatric hospital instead.


Worse: And the staff and the other patients treat you badly.

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