Get your story answers here!(poll)

Hey! I don’t know if it’s a wrong category. Inform me if it is

Do you like to choose your and LI’s gender?
  • Yes, both
  • Just my gender
  • Just LI’s gender

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How much time do you want a chapter to be?
  • 5-7 minutes
  • 10-13 minutes
  • 15-20minutes

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Which system do you prefer?
  • Point system
  • Normal but including choice

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Any suggestion? As it is my 1st story.
Also I have a problem, I write like 100 times a single chap but still not good enough in my judgement.


watch tutorials


try figuring out advanced directing

ask help on forums

take ur time

just explore

make friends within the community

read other stories and see what u like ab them and incorporate ur likings into ur story

listen to songs for inspo


Ty for your suggestion

I have learn the coding anyway


Moved to Share Feedback since this is about your story. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

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Don’t judge the episode based on how many lines you have coded, but rather how many minutes it takes for you to play and read through everything.

You are never going to please everyone, so while listening to all feedback is great, just remember that it is your story. You aren’t only writing for others: this is also yours to enjoy.

Happy writing and good luck!


Tysm :pleading_face:
I really approve it.


Hey! Guys.

I have seen many people doing Q/A for their stories and I thought It will be more easy if we do it together. You can ask any questions for your story (as poll) here and we all will vote!

This way it will be easy to see many peoples opinion.

How many episodes do you prefer
  • 10-29
  • 30-45
  • 46-60
  • more

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