Have some free Car interior overlays I made!

Hey there,

I made some more car overlays that I’m willing to share. These are of a 3-quarter view and a front view.

I made them overlays and not backgrounds so you can customize them and put whatever bg you need The 3-quarter view is really good with looping backgrounds and works great for car conversations.

The front view is a great establishing shot and still good for conversations. If you can make it look like the car is driving forward with a vertical looping bg then more power to ya, cause I sure can’t :rofl:

Hopefully one day someone will share their secret.

Anyway, here are the overlays, and before you ask yes, they are all one zone and sized correctly ready to be used.:slight_smile:

Car int.

They are not perfect but I did my best.
Rules for use:

  1. edit them as you like they are free to use!
  2. Under no circumstances are you to claim them as your own or sell them, they are for free use and not for profit or personal gain.
  3. Please do not ask me to edit them for some specific purpose, you may take them to someone else if you cannot edit them yourself (change the color, add special bg, ect) but I put a lot of effort in to make them and that’s all the effort I am willing to make.
  4. no credit is needed

Thanks for reading❤️


Oh wow!! That’s so nice of you hun!! Thanks so much!!! :sparkling_heart: :pleading_face:


I was actually looking for a car interior background, tysm! :pleading_face: :purple_heart:


No problem, I just edited this post because the overlay for the 3- quarter view wasn’t working very well when I tried it, please make sure to take the new overlay for it I just added for it to work better

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Ah, alright! Thanks again! :blob_hearts:

Moved to Art Resources since this is for overlays. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

Thank you much for this. I’ve been searching for bg and overlays in one zone and this it just what I needed. I will still credit you even though it is not needed. Thank you so much!

That’s super sweet of you.

” I put a lot of effort in to make them and that’s all the effort I am willing to make.”

Classic. I love it.

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