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Hey y’all! So I’m planning on entering the DL (Double Life) contest, and I want your opinion. Would you read/ give this story a chance?!
• 5-10 minute episodes
• LL (this time)
• No CC
• Some choices (outfits + decisions)
• Art scenes
• Crime/ romance/ action story
:heavy_heart_exclamation:︎ Also, drop your name and/ or details (+ Instagram if you have one), to possibly be in my story. In need of characters! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

• Description: Amaya works a basic job, at a cafe, and Dawn is an C.I. informative during the night. What happens when Dawn has to work with a guy, that’s in love with Amaya? And, dead roses. •


Love the features of the story! I think it sounds great, the description could lose some words like “guy” and “basic job” to make it feel more mysterious and sophisticated- otherwise, trust yourself and this story is sure to turn out <3

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Sounds great! I would so read this!

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Id give it a read


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I would def read!

@episodefriend.211 for extra character

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i would definitely read this! keep going @jordan.epyi for extra characters

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