How do you stay motivated to write on episode?

Hello guys! Faith here!
I was wondering how do you guys stay motivated to write here on episode?
When I started, coding was difficult for me and I wanted to quit so many times but I found myself motivated to learn and here I am. I am just wondering how did you guys stay motivated? I struggled at times and I too have lost motivation. Life happens and things get in the way. What did you do in that time? What helps you as a writer and author whether on episode or not to stay motivated?


Well, I struggled with coding at first, yet I’m still not perfect at it. But, as time went on, I learned it. So, what I do to stay motivated is that I plan my stories and then I write a script for them. After that I code them and I always make a coding schedule. But anyway, when I first learned that you can create your own stories on Episode, I tried learn the coding and I didn’t know how to do it at all. I then gave up. After a while, I learned the coding with a practice story and I got better at it. I eventually published my first, which needs to be revamped. But anyway, I’m still struggle with the coding sometimes, but I’ve gotten better. Believe me, I really struggled at first but I didn’t give up.


Hey Faith! I think I am anything but motivated lol. I just write/code when I feel like it. Sometimes reading a story in the app pushes me to continue writing my own. Sometimes reading posts on forums about upcoming or released stories motives me. Sometimes seeing posts on other social media platforms (Instagram) about others stories makes me want to get up and code/write. It just depends. The first three chapters of a story is hard in my opinion. I’m a perfectionist, so I have to make sure all three chapters are up to par before I release them. I believe once people get those three down they are in the clear. If not, I would say try doing something else that pertains to your story process, whether that’s making outfits, overlays, buying/requesting art, or writing a chapter outline/guide. After you try those things and the motivation is still not there, maybe try stepping away to clear your mind. You could read a physical book, take a walk, watch a movie, and take inspiration from these activities–then maybe you will regain your motivation.


Hey, Faith. Honestly, I can’t even express it because I myself don’t have a word for that. I published my story for the community to read, and at first, I was really motivated. But eventually, I started feeling demotivated and not wanting to code anymore. The reason behind it was because I wanted my story to be perfect; I wanted it on the shelves and to be recognized. So, it really took a toll on me. As of right now, I’m really losing motivation to code, but I’m trying to code little by little so I can try to get my motivation back. Some days, when I do have motivation, I could code like three short/medium stories and upload them. I always try to remind myself that it’s better to have a story that’s perfect, even if it takes time, than a sloppy story with no backstory behind it that was just done within a short span. I hope that helps!!! :smiling_face:
Ps go read my new story called “The Idol”


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