How to make character sit in classroom? How to make reader choose own name and customize character?



Hey, I’m new here. I have no idea how to do these things. I really want people to enjoy and read my stories as I deal with new concepts and its fun creating chapters. I just need help with these things. Thanks, guys.



@CHARACTER spot 1.525 68 -139 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER2 spot 1.500 280 -130 AND CHARACTER2 faces left

More about how to move characters by using spot directing:


how do you use overlays and layers?


For this background what I gave you an example for, you actually don’t need overlays or layers


Guide for layers:

For overlays:

I need help. I want my main character to sit down in the chair in class. I have no idea how to do this. They said use overlays but i have no idea how it works

Help please?

Trying to get a driving scence and overlay scene!

Also trying to get my character to sit in the chair across my the chair where the desk chair is!


I have no idea how the layers work. when I say move to layer 5 it completely ignores it and it doesn’t work. Same problem. It looks like shes standing in front of the table when she needs to move to where the seats are


click at script template that is in the library and scroll down then you will see avatar - fe / male


can someone tell me where can i start creating a story



im having a problem with one of my characters. its not an overlay, its the background. i cant seem to figure out how to get the bartender behind the actual counter. can someone help me? Screenshot%20(158)


you need an overlay to place your character behind the bar. Check @uwe.episode on IG, she has a bar overlay in her drive :slight_smile:


thank you so much!

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