I am confused on how people do this?

Using this example…
They uploaded an overlay of a cereal box and in their script they layered it in front of the character. They made arm overlays using the characters skin tone and layered it over the cereal box which is layered in front of the character.

I probably just made you more confused tho?

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Eh, not really. So, you’re saying that it is multiple overlays?

Yes, their basically using multiple overlays, you’ll have to make overlays of the hands and obviously what you want them to hold, and then layer and place them where u want the effect to happen.


Ooh, k. Do you have any idea who makes overlays of hands? I have no idea on how to do that.

Like how it is in the photo?

Like a person holding a bottle and their fingers are around the bottle.

I can help if you want? :two_hearts:

Omg, tysm! :sob: :heart:

[spoiler]God, this is going to sound super weird but I am making this video and I am doing it as a meme and agh, this is the image.

And, I just need the fingers to be around the Glade but obviously in a different overlay.

Hope that I made sense. :grin:

It’s fine😂 so you want it like how it is in the photo but instead of a box it’s the air freshener right?

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Correct. By the way, thank you so much!

Okay what the skin color for your character for the overlay, and left or right hand?

Right hand and the skin is Light.

Okay hold on, I have one somewhere.

Be careful what u upload.

Check out this:


From there:

Also this guide will help u: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

And this thread contains so much helpful advice: "List" of Helpful Threads


Thanks Jen, but I won’t be posting it as a story. Thanks for the reminder tho. :wink:


Here they are, I did the can thing too.


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Oh my god, thank you so so much! It’s perfect, thanks again for doing this! :slight_smile:

@Sydney_H You can close this.

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No problem

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