I’m not the best at stories

I’m not the best at writing stories so if anyone would like to help me with writing go ahead and dm me :slight_smile:

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What do you need help with?

Well, I’m quite good at writing the words and story lines themselves, it’s just that I’m not the best at coding

So, do you need help with directing? Eg: Making characters move and talk.

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Directing I’m not the best at. I can make th characters move Andy talk it’s just I’m not the best at a little more advanced coding

So like choices and if/elif/else coding?

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Exactly and like you see in stories that, for example, Melissa La Vone, that kind of advanced but not as advanced

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I’ll try to help, but I’m about to leave my house! Could you wait?

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Of course!

You should check out this thread

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Hey, @savvy_vv do you still need help?

Yes please

Okay, can you show me the problem, or what you need help with?

Ther is no problem at the moment it’s just I want to do some more advanced coding and i try to learn how to do it but I don’t really understand or it looks bad in the preview

What do you mean, “bad in the preview?” Does it look wrong?


Can you tell me what scene your trying to make? Like, what do you want to happen?

Like I said, there isn’t no problem right now and my computer died and i don’t have my charger yet so I can’t write stories, but I do believe in an episode I’m working on I struggled with something I just can’t remember what I struggled with cause it was a while ago

So when you get your computer back, you want me to help you?

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Can you help me to