I need a little help with my storyy

Hii, So I’ve started planning my story, however my ideas are all over the place and need some meaning to it.
I have decided the first half/or part of my story to be about my main character enduring a harsh disease. The LI has an excuse to be there for her.
But, this is just the first half of my story so in the process of it my MC gets better, and I’m confused on what the next theme/motif of the last section of my story to be, and what stops the MC and LI from getting together and what the general plot is afterwards.

It was a bit hard to explain, any help would be useful!

Thanks :blush:

Hey you can dm me on ig @loveepisodegames_ and we can talk about it.

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I would, but I don’t have insta! :worried:

Oh okay I am going to PM you

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