I need a Small cover Please!

Heyy !!!

I am in need of a small cover

i cant explain it well so here is a picture of it


The characters look like this

SERENITY (idle_guitar)
Skin honey
Eyes upturend bold (black)
Eyebrows seduciave arch
Hair Beach wave (black)
Nose eleven
Lips full round terracotta
Face soft heart

HUNTER (flirt_shy)
skin honey
eyes classic round (black)
eyebrows medium arch
hair short cropped (charcoal)
face defined triangle
Nose button
lips uneaven terracotta

  • black hipster glassses

JAMES (primp_brush_hair
skin toffee
eyebrows thin arch
hair mordern pompadour (platnum blonde)
eyes classic round blue
face defined terracotta
nose button
lips uneaven terracotta

OLIVER flirt_wink_forward)
Skin mocha
eyebrows shushy wide
hair boy bun (black)
eyes athletic round (black)
face defined triangle
mouth uneaven '(mocha)
nose button

LEO Talk_handsonhips)
skin mocha
eyes classic round (green0
eyebrows medium arch
hair short cropped (black)
face defined triangle
nose button
lips uneven (mocha)

ETHAN (flirt_fingersnap)
Skin toffee
eyebrows medium sharp
hair unstyled faux hawk (black)
eyes classic round green
face defined triangle
nose button
mouth uneaven terracotta

Hi my team could do your cover art the name is Epiosde dreams if you need examples

Ok thank you ,where do i find your tema ?

I will give you the link

Thank you !1

No problem so how is the thread

Hey if you need any help with the small cover, I can make it for you but it may take 1-2 weeks. I will probably be able to send it to you.

Okay no problem !!
do you have any examples i can look at , if not no problem , i exept your request

Me and my team wanna help too even though your not gonna use it what’s the background???

Leave the details here

The background would be a city

Thank you !

I downloaded spark post on my phone where you can put The Mysterious 5 name and sign up with it on the computer and it will show what you saved on your phone. Now with the people, I used the Episode App on my phone and made them and screenshot it to my camera roll and I used that with the same app spark post. Hope I didn’t make this too confusing😂

Hahaha not at all i completley understand , thank you !

I can make it now on my phone but the reason I said 1-2 weeks is because I am on vacation and I don’t have my laptop with me. Also Episode has to approve it before it can be visible on the app.

Do clothes matter?

Ok take as much time as you need , i dont mind

Nope completely up to you

This is all I was able to do on my phone. If you don’t like something then I can change it, I don’t mind.

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I made Hunter but on the Episode app on a phone only allows 5 on stage. It will probably be better if I did it on my computer that is 3 hours away from me😭I can also make something like This Story Includes Sound or This Story Will Be Continued if you want. I have nothing to do today😂