I need alot of help


hi i need alot of help with everything


What types of things?


Well is there any art group i can join


Im very good at art i don’t have any examples since my computer broke and i lost every thing


You could join the Episode Helpers, I’ll ask for the link to the Discord chat now :blush:


YAY I saw them before but how do i join


Not completely sure, but I’m asking for a link to our group chat so you can join that :blush:


I saw it here Episode Helpers, We Love Getting New Members!


I suggest submitting a form on there to join, while I try to get hold of someone on the chat. Do you have no examples at all?


Nope but i can do one right now


just send me a detail it can be anything and you dont have to use it


I’m not sure tbh :smile: what type of art do you do?


I do background edit character edit covers and anything


Do you do digital art or anything like that? All what you can do sounds great, though :smile: definitely what we need


can i see some


Some what?


digtal art


Like the type of things I like?




Okay, let me get some things off of pinterest. Gimme a sec :joy: