I need an advice about something that just makes me mad! 😡

I’ll keep this short…

I like to read stories by authors, who requested art (whether drawn or edited) by me and it’s just driving me crazy if they’re don’t even bother to give credit :rage:

Like, seriously?! :triumph: I’m not spending hours on finishing requests just for not getting credit! And surely giving credit is definitively one of the rules in every shop I’m a member of! :angry:

Is there anything I can do?


Maybe PM/DM them and tell them to give credit, because technically its your artwork, and you can tell them they can’t use it without giving credit.


I get your point :point_right: I am an author and reader. I also have artists who made an art scene for me. I always credit them, I should feel ashamed if I didn’t. I can’t draw (only stick-figures…) and I agree with @anon60802004 it’s rude if someone does that.

Contact the authors who requested your art about crediting by PM over here or DM on instagram. Tell them nicely not to forget to credit you :point_right: and if they still don’t listen then go to the Episode Team. But never lash out or ‘public shame’ Sorry forgot the real word for ‘public shame’ :clown_face: them on instagram.


That’s extremely rude, you should pm them on the forums or dm them on insta and tell them to credit you in their story.


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Hey Gurrll…so usually time I would say talk to them abt it but since they requested from you it’s more likely that they already read the rules. So maybe they probably looked over it probably remind them(which you really shouldnt have to) And probably when they email or you know request probably have a starting sentence like "Hey I am willing to draw/edit this only if given credit for work. If this doesnt work after that then just dont do it because there are probably thousands of writers out there that can credit you for it so just dont waste your time


That really sucks. I’m sorry that there are authors out there that are not allowing the readers know who made the artwork that is featured in their story. they could easily make a mention about it at the end of the chapter, if they don’t want to take anyway from the story using a reader message.

I personally was giving credit at the end of each chapter to the artist who is making art work for my story. But even with that, I was still having readers message me asking who made the art work. So I went back in with a reader message. I do still mention it at the end of every chapter. even if there was no art scene.


that suck so much, not giving credit is mean

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I always give credits :relieved: and it is very necessary to give credits to artists and those who helped you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I had this today! I made a pose she asks how she could credit me, I tell her she says okay thank you so much! Only for me to find out a few hours later she posted my pose on the Forums without credit! Like sis did you really think I wouldn’t see this??

I mean it’s not this much of a problem since I’m doing this for fun… But I did take like an hour or two to make it so…

But I did say it in the comments that it was not hers, I think people should know that yk…


@its_mehh Even when you do it for fun, she still needed to credit you. It isn’t difficult to credit someone, so why shouldn’t you??? It’s actually disrespectful to the person who took the time to create an amazing artwork for you. That’s the reason why I always credit. :wink: It’s still two hours waste of your time. :mask:


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