I need some directing help

Hey guys,
So I’m trying to make my character “ride” a horse and I have the horse overlay moving like it’s running. My character is sitting on the horse and I have him walking to the spot the horse moves to and doing it while sit. On my computer previewer it works perfectly, but on the app the character moves while actually walking instead of sitting

Here’s a little piece of the script, sorry it’s so tiny.
What do I need to do to make it actually work on the app?

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Could you copy and paste the full line? There aren’t any problems visible in the small bit shown. Either the issue is in a command that comes after that THEN statement or it’s the app glitching.

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I’ll have to paste it later, my phone doesn’t let me use the writer portal that well. But basically I did the three spots I want the horse to go to and then just copy and pasted them repeatedly, so everything should be identical.

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I redid the scene and it seems to be working. Thanks though.

Solved and closed. :smiley: