I need some overlays, backgrounds, and cover for my story

Can you someone make these for me?


We can! Just make a request on our thread :grinning:
We have examples on our thread

Can I see some examples of you’re work?

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ok i like ur work

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  1. I need overlays for my story.
    I. The types I need is fire, wind, water, earth, and lighting power if that makes sense.
    If it doesn’t you can ask me further questions because I’m not good at explaining things.
    My story has elements of powers in it and I need some awesome overlays for when people fight if you dont mind
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Yea kinda like energy balls for the like the medium-level attacks
then for the larger attacks like something bigger idk

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We can always help out as well!

kinda asap but its ok i can wait a little bit


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water,earth and fire looks amazzing!
but i need the lighting one to be purple and i need air to look like an aang like air ball.
i also need the stronger attacks.
TYSM! you are amazing at this!

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@Jayl i was thinking mabye lighting would be an actual thunder bolt


If you need anything, check out here, I do background splashes overlay banners, edited covers. All Art Thread (Open)