iDeA's FoR aN ePisOdE? please!


Hey, guys! I need to finish my third chapter on my story, but i don’t have any last idea’s! I’ve watched netflix, looked in my room, even gone on writing apps! please help! TIA -Teigan x


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Thank you! Btw, whats share feedback, please lol? :slight_smile:


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oKaY here is my idea!

First a little side note:

Share Feedback is a section of the forum where you can get reviews, bounce ideas off of one another or pitch a story idea :slight_smile:

Back to the thick of it - here is a premade story (I would have entered the Thriller contest with this but I am too lazy to put this to life so maybe you could out your own spin on this?)

My own story is taking up a lot of my writing time so feel free to use this idea instead.

This story is called Retexo or Derail

The overall premise is that the MC (male) has lost his father. His dad (Rex) is the pioneer behind Lizardus Technology/coding - the code is impenetrable and extremely difficult to hack.

Rex has a launch party to premier this new technology. Rex is the co-founder of Rexton Cyber Security. However, Rex has a target on his head - his 1 billion net worth is at stake due to his estranged brother Kye.

Kye hires a hitman and there is a shooting to throw people off the scent that Rex is the prime target. A few people are injured and Rex is in critical condition.

After a surgery it is confirmed the blood loss is far too significant to alleviate. The MC is distraught and is certain that his estranged uncle Kye is behind the murder.

The MC goes through a journey of revenge and discovers a lot of dark secrets about his father Rex. The MC starts to derail, he becomes more violent and more erratic as time passes by, the question is…will he be able to avenge his father’s death.

Loosely based on Hamlet.


Just read through it! Thank You!


wow okay that is amazing. i honestly don’t think my brain is smart enough to be able to write that! hashtag homeschooled (lmao)


Haha thank you - honestly I am a dumbass I just watched loads of Mr Robot and stole some language from that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:


Haha, i think we’ll be great friends :joy::joy::joy:


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