Hi can anyone do Free digital art that i can use in my story?

//Vanessa.h_storys is good with drawn art! You should as her!


Okay thank you :blush:

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Yes, I guess I can help you. The only problem is that I’ve got many other request right now and if you need the art at a specific deadline, I couldn’t tell if it would be done until then…

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that’s perfectly fine, i don’t need an art scene asap anyway!

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Okay, so you can fill out this form to reuqest:

Body: Name, Color

Brow: Name; Color

Hair: Name; Color

Eyes: Name; Color

Face: Name

Nose: Name

Lips: Name; Color

  • Facing Direction (Right/Left):
  • Pictures of the Charakters (Not necessary) :
  • Outfits (Full clothing names listed or with a picture) :
  • Background (Picture, Preferred background Color or Transparent background) :
  • Similar Pose Picture:
  • Mood (Romantic, sad, etc.):
  • Extras (Blush, Tattos, etc.):
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Body: Female athletic body, Neutral 04
Brow:Arched natural, blackJet
Hair: Long straight loose solid, Black dark
Eyes: Female generic, Violet
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined natural
Lips: Full round pouty, Red deep matte

Facing right

Outfit/ pic of character

Extras: Dragon sleeve tattoo

Pose: Sat down with gun
Mood: annoyed

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Do you possible have a reference pose picture?

How about something like this… instead of a gun ?

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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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@/luchibob does AMAZING work it you want to ask her, or @/BlueSnowflake09

Okay thank you!

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Sorry for taking so long…
I hope you like it:

Png version:

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Thank you i love it :white_heart:

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