Let's practice our writing skills (list of prompts)

Your character feels wholesome and romantic at this moment because of her/his LI. Does any of these images bring you inspiration?

  • Your character was watching a movie until something strange happened. The movie script changed, so that made her/him realize that something isn’t normal… write about this.

  • Try to convert one of your plots into a horror genre. Save that for when you need inspiration for a new story.

  • Write two versions of the same character: one version is fully egocentric and the other one has low self-esteem. Save this and use it when you need inspiration.
  • Write an alternative story where your character hates her/his best friend. Save this and use it when you need inspiration.
  • Write an alternative story where your plot is located in a fantasy world. How would that be? Save this and use it when you need inspiration.
  • Write an alternative story where your character is living in a simulation (where she/he is being controlled). Save this and use it when you need inspiration.

Just a reminder <3

  • Your character went to a party and didn’t use the proper outfit. What it’s her/his reaction?

  • Your character never played sports and now is trying to practice one. People don’t take her/him seriously. Write about this.

  • Your character was at a party and people started to make fun of her/him. What was the reason?

"Who are you to make me keep thinking of you?
My pride is bruised, I’m burning up
My face is hot, my heart keeps racing
I can’t control my body, I’m getting dizzy"

"One two three
It’s a new beginning
‘cause I won’t ever look back
If I throw myself at you
Please catch me
Because the world can’t bring us down"

"Every guy checks me out every day
They all think they can get me
I don’t want a lot of things
I want your heart"

"I hope we won’t just
pass by like the wind
No need for many words
Now just take me
to your side, ooh"

Should I do a drive document including the prompts that I removed from here?

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"Empty grey streets feel too bare
I open the glass window out of melancholy
Fallen raindrops atop my two palms
Filling full with loneliness it spills into my heart"

"Tonight I miss you for some reason
Tears are welling up
Reminiscing you in my heart
Memories come down when it rains, spreading pain
Watching you as you get soaked
Clear in that moment,
wet with memories
I think of you when you were beautiful in the rain"

I will also include instrumentals on this thread with a few questions, please let me know if you used this for your story so I can read it and promote it <3

  1. Think about the saddest thing that could happen to your main character… what would happen if that thing occurred in another person’s life?

  2. Think about the most important person in your main character’s life. What would happen if this person became extremely sad to the point where that consumes him/her? How would your character react?

I always use music to inspire myself, so I hope it’s helpful.

Is this thread really helpful to someone? I don’t know if I should close it :((

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