Line123462's free art shop (Open)

4 in total, 2 babies and the MC and LI.
The babies are twins but one is a boy and the other is a girl

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I dont draw babies :sweat_smile: so I wont be able to take your request

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Oh okay thank you though. Just wanted to make sure before I requested

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What are you requsting: Drawn Art! :cowboy_hat_face:
instagram: Don’t have an episode account
is your story publish? : Not yet but I’m working on it
Link to your story: It isn’t published yet!
Did you read the rules: Yes :raised_hands:


My character deets

Skin = Gold 4

Brow = Straight Medium

Hair = Long Volumious curls loose

Hair color = Platinum white

Eyes = deepest downturned

Eye color = Brown pale

Face = Round soft

Nose = Pointed Downturned

Lips = Full wide

Lip color = Beige deep neutral

Details for my request

A dawn pose of my character holding a camera right when she finishes so you can see her face :yay:

What she is wearing

Background? : You choose to what you think goes best :blob_sun:

Deadline: None!!!

Thank you :blush:

how far are you in story makeing. I like to refer to this rule.

Ohhh sorry, I just started the third chapter so I guess I’m not that close to being done, I’m sorry I’ll request later when I published it :pleading_face:

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your welcome to request before release, I just prefore when its about time to do so.

It usally only take me a few days. those can always be used to make sure you got not erroes, you know prof read on your phone such.

Proof read? You do that too? That sounds great!

So before I publish it do you want me to request again and send the link? :yay:

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That was not what i meant😅. I dont prof I am dyslexic🥲 I mesn you could you prof read your own story for mistakes.

Ohhhh I’m sorry!! I misread it :grimacing:

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So I’ll request a little bit later when I have more progress! Sorry for the mixup :sweat_smile:

Your shop looks awesome btw! :blob_hearts:

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Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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how far you, do you just need the cover and can publish?

You can send me the link even if its not publish

I prefore if you send me a close up photo of their face, so I dont have to spend time makeing them,

What are you requsting: Large cover ; transparent background if possible please
instagram: Ryder_epii
is your story publish? Yes, it has 14 episodes currently out
Link to your story:

Did you read the rules: Yes
Details for what I am makeing:


Pose reference

Whichever one is easier
If you decide to do the second picture, can you do the third pose please? Smile is a smirk



First pose please for him but can you have his right hand like it shows in the picture but his left touching her shoulder


Also can you let me know if the link works? It says my page is unavailable but I believe it works :thinking:

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Are you asking for a fullbody or halfbody.
I dont think a full body picture will look good on a big cover. Usally full body just dont look good at all in covers.

Half body is fine with me, do you want me to look for a different pose for both of them?

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that would be apriciated

Here are a couple, I don’t mind which one hope these are better

Pose reference

the ice cream one is cute,

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