LL Outfit Contest (deadline Dec 7)


Nope. Feel free to add for another 8 hours :DDD Seriously. And don’t bother with just 3 entrees. It’s not going as planned anyway :DD I appreciate everyone’s input. :heart:


not going as planned?
wats wrong!?


I mean that I was meaning to choose only one winner, but now I decided to pick several :slight_smile:


oh ok that sounds far sorry read it up wrong :sweat_smile:


OKay folks. Thanks everyone for contributing, you did a great job and I appreciate your help :slight_smile: I couldn’t select just one winner, because I know it is hard to pick a style for the character you don’t really know. And while each and every outfit was great, I find some more fitting for that specific character. I selected 1-2 outfits from a couple of you guys.
1st place - @puma with 1st outfit. I find it the most compatible with my vision. It is perfect for my character.
As per your price, you can request any kind of art, PfP, art scene, cover - whatever :slight_smile:
2nd place - @Cheyara_episode58 :heart: 5th and 7th outfits (I will add jacket for the 5th tho, because of the weather :slight_smile: ) As per prize, you can request for a PfP or a drawn cover :slight_smile:
3rd place - @epsd.ama - with the 2nd outfit. You can request either PfP or edited cover :sunflower:
4th place - @MariaMcc - with the last outfit, although I will add jacket due to the weather :slight_smile: You can request a PfP or edited cover.

Below you will find some examples, to know if it’s worth requesting.

And thanks everyone :slight_smile: :maple_leaf::blossom::tulip:

Art scene examples

Drawn cover examples

PfP examples

Edited cover examples


Congrats to all the winners!:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:
You all deserve it!:star_struck::heart_eyes::grin:


Wait I won? must be some mistake… Lol no, but I’m glad you liked my outfit and found it useful etc. Congrats to everyone else who entered, honestly all outfits were so perfect :drooling_face: I’ll pm you if I need to request anything! :blush:


lol :smiley: sure, will be waiting.


Forgot this:


@Jeremy would you mind closing it? :slight_smile: thank u :rosette:


How about @Sydney_H?



Sure thing!