Looking for a writing collaborators and Proof reader

Hi, I’m Tiara and I am a new author on episode. Lately, I’ve been writing at least trying to write a story and it will be in the romance/drama category.
writing this story is tough and I would appreciate it if anyone that truly enjoys writing and is really good at it. also, feel free to link some of your stories so that I can read them and let u know what I think.
I will need at least two writers and one proof reader for the story. ty for ur help.

Hey, I would be happy to proofread for you for a small fee. Let me know if you have any questions and/or if you’re interested :hugs:


If you are open to pay then I have one spot left!! :smiling_face:
In this topic you can look into my Prices, rules, how I prefer to work and some of reviews and feedback from other people as well! :blush:

I’d be honoured to help, I also have my own stories so keep that in mind

Heyy I would love to proofread for free ofc hehe