Looking For Artists To Hire!

Hi Guys! I Was Wondering If I Could Hire One Of You For A Future Artshop!!


I’m interested. :eyes:

Ok!!! Sure.

I’ll Pm u!! :grinning:

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Hey are you still hiring

Oh Yes!!

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Can you pm me


Riya, im afraid you are going to have to send me your examples now in the pm i sent you, because im editing the art shop right now.

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Riya please answer im going to publish the shop soon!

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Hi I am Digital Artist my samples here contact me on Instagram @artmystic81

Riya im going to have to open the art shop without you im sorry. ive already waited for an hour for you. but when you send me the examples i can include you in the shop!

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Hey actually it was night here so I went to sleep and I have sent you the examples

I’m interested ! Here’s some simple examples


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