Making a story, is it possible?

Hey guys!? I’m kinda confused on this site like ik how to play and everything but I got bored one day and I want to make my own if any one knows how to make the possible please help me:)

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Do you mean your own story?


Definitely is! You have two options. Mobile creates or online portal.
For mobile creation (very limited, would suggest using portal) you go into the app and go to the tab and click “create” it should say “start story” after you create an account :slight_smile:
For portal, you need to make an account as well (with Facebook or gmail) and then click “add a story” you can use the guides to help you, or go on YouTube and learn how to direct :slight_smile: also people on forums can be very helpful as well
Happy writing!

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For help from YouTube, I recommend Joesph Evans. His videos have helped me a lot and I’m sure they can help you, too. He’s very specific and uses all episode styles ( Limelight, Ink, and Classic ). He doesn’t help with everything, but most. He does advanced and basic tutorials for different kinds of authors.

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There’s a ton of super helpful guides on the forum and on Youtube, but I can also help if you need it. Feel free to come to me with any question! :grin: