Male Protagonist

I feel that there needs to be more stories with male protagonists as most of the stories on Episode are mainly female protagonists. Too many stories have only just female MCs and it’s getting pretty boring especially when they’re all in these romance stories and we all know the typical story line for every romance stories. So Episode, if you really care about equality then I suggest there should be more stories with male protagonists.



Can check out: Male MC stories List if you’re interested in reading about stories with a male MC.

And ugh, too much romance scares me :laughing:

Also, you can read through this thread: It warms my heart when I see guys who write/read on Episode

It’s rare and it needs to be more common.

More guys need to write on episode as well as having male MCs.

I think that Episode needs to take a step and feature a Male MC in their official stories as well as write outside the romance/drama genre.


True that. Not to mention it’s really sad to see the men get portrayed as evil in most Episode stories when there are females that are criminals. Guess that is the problem with gynoccentrism.


I’m making a male mc :heart::blush:


Yes, I am writing a story with a male protagonist. Also, I agree completely!


You’re so right. I’ve only ever read I think two stories with male MCs and one of them I’ve connected with the mc more than any of the stories on episode (which all have female MCs). Cough cough @amberose

I think since quite a lot of writers in the community are female they feel more comfortable writing a female character? I wouldn’t know what to do writing a male mc so I salute those who’ve written a mc that isn’t their gender. I know there aren’t that many differences, but it can be hard sometimes for writers who want to do characters justice.

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Oooh thank you. You don’t understand how much that means to me

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I agree to there are like a few male protagonists, all these stories are mainly females. Which brings me to where I’m working on a story with a male mc. :thinking::smirk:

I always do male MCs ^^’ lol, even in the next story I started because I have no self control…the…MC, if there is really even an MC is also male. LOL I tried to make it more balanced, but men are just more interesting*. Oh well shrugs XP

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I’m currently writing a highschool drama sort of story with a Male protagonist