My vip access option disappeared

So i went on episode through my phone and the vip option disappeared…… and now it’s not giving me that option what should i do?

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which one is gone? amethyst or the other one?

I think they removed it and I’m very pissed. It’s the third time that they do this and they are already losing so much people, and now they will
lose even more. Buying the other VIP option is useless and a waste of money. 15$ for only episode originals? That’s crazy and nobody will buy that. They’re gonna lose so much more people now


it came back on my account on my phone but not on my ipad lol its weird

I’m still subscribed to it and there’s 6 days left. If it doesn’t renew after the 6 days, then they took it off.
Which Vip pack do you have?

idk it just says episode vip

Is it only for episode original stories?

nope its the 15.99 one

Yes but they are two of them, one is for episode original stories only and one is for community stories. So which one do you have?

idk it didn’t say tbh… it only gave one option

i think its for their stories and not the community one. they didn’t mention the community one

that’s a shame omg

they removed it again… this is the third time and im sick of it. people will leave the community smh

wait yours is gone again?!

I have 6 days left and I don’t know if it will come back after that. I’m really tired of this, this is literally the third time

im sorry that’s bs

I’ve sent a support ticket. Now this topic hasn’t a lot of responses yet because I think that everyone is still subscribed and no one has noticed this yet. In a week everybody will notice this

This is what they responded to me:


Yea, it’s a weird respond if you ask me…