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I have a question for ink version how do I make a character run fast?

You can use the time function but you’ll have to use spot directing. So if you want to character to run offscreen, here’s an example of what it could look like:
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 -100 0 in 0.1 AND CHAR does it while [insert a running animation]

The “0.1” basically means how fast the character will reach the spot. The lower the number, the faster.

Some Ink running animations can be: run_athletic, run_jog

hey im just starting to write and i have a question. do any of u happen to know how to use a mirror overlay and where to find one. i really appreciate the help and thanks in advance. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Hello! You can probably find some mirror overlays on Episode Forums. Check out this thread! It should tell you where to find mirror overlays and how to use them!


Here’s how the outfit system works: Once you change into an outfit, the character will stay in that outfit until you direct it to change into a different one. If you want to change her clothes back you can just do:
@LUNA changes into [enter an outfit]

That didnt anwser my question exactly what im trying to say is i want my charecter to like for example in the beginning she has lets say pajamas and then she wants to change beacuse shes going out and then she has a dress and when she comes back home she changes back into her normal regular clothes thats what im trying to say ???im stuck on that beacuse whenever i put @CHARECTER changes into CHARECTER_classy all of a sudden the charecter will have the clothes for the whole story and i dont want that i only want the charecer to have the clothes for a certain time not like forever and the whole story?

sorry to pop in but you need to change it back. (i’ll let the original poster of the thread explain that to you :slight_smile: )

Yes, like @stronglcve said. You’ll have to change the outfit back.

Whenever you want the outfit to change back, just do:
@CHARACTER changes into [insert original outfit name]

ill see if it works

ok ill see if it works

thx for your help i really appreciate it: :grin::grin:

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i have another question, oh and thank you for helping me with my last question anyways, how do u make a character change hairstyles and lip colors for example when you give the player a chance to change the outfit and hairstyle and lip color pls help…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You can find a customization template here made by @MariaG . All you need to do is delete everything except for the hairstyle and lip color choices:

omg thx so much i really ill make sure to shout you out in my story for all the help :sparkling_heart::grin:

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Aw thanks! I’m glad I could help. :smile:

Try reading through the code from top to bottom and see if you can find a missing “{” or “}”.

their is no { or } missing i checked and previewe it again and it says the same error

Try putting another “}” bracket at the end. I think you included a choice within a choice.

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