Need help finding a story--

so basically its one of those stories where the girl is abused by her former pack and goes into a new pack.

I don’t remember much as I read one episode, but…

it’s in LL and the mc is super short compared to everyone else.

she runs away and this guy is chasing her but then another pack finds her and saves her. the next day she’s telling someone off and in class, she says the square root of 49 is 9 and after the class, she has to talk to her teacher. she then goes to her locker and is bullied by the “luna” and her friends. but then the alpha’s sister befriends her and they eat lunch together and then goes to the sister’s house and her brother comes back from a business thing and they talk and then the “luna” comes in and is rude and the mc stands up to her

and yea that’s all I remember. it was trending yesterday but now it is not.

haha pls help

Is it the Ember Moon Pack?

nope :frowning:
but i will give it a read, seems interesting.

The Wolf Within?

no its in LL

Silent Howel?

yeaaaa ty

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@sydney_h or @Jeremy

please close :slight_smile: