Need help removing watermark-

Can anyone remove the istock watermark from this picture? I hope it isn’t copyright or anything either. If it is just let me know so I’d change it!
Also can someone make a wall similar to this?

that would be a violation of copyright law, the watermark is there to stop theft.

May I recommend you instead fine some thrones on pixabay.I can link a few there are many pretty once.

Okay, can you send some to me?

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So I remember wrong, pixabay has mostly one PNG of thrones, so you would have to edit the background,

but here is some from other royalty-free backgrounds

Free Hyderabad Image on Unsplash

Throne | Your Uber to: Fairhaven | Steffy Pashinin | Flickr

Throne | A fun item I made in Blender & Substance painter <3… | Flickr

Throne | Ȥυძɾιąʅ Rσʂέ | Flickr

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just a heads up for the future anything that has some sort of brand logo on it is copyrighted!

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Thank you so much!