Overlays Needed for 2 Backgrounds

Hey all you lovely creators! I’m in need of overlays for these 2 background images. I got them both off of royalty free sites and will credit the creators but these 2 images did not come with overlays. You can leave the watermark on the diner counter. Please and thank you!!

Hey! I don’t think you can use this image as it has iStock watermark which is NOT a royalty free site. Nothing from iStock is free.


oh I didn’t know that. I was on Pixabay which I thought was a royalty free site. Do you know what site I can get free images from?

Try out this thread:


Thank you @KikiMoon for mentioning !! And @BeccaNagle i think you can visit @Kennedyx who does requests?? Kiki is right tho you can’t use that stock image :sob:🫶🏼 hope this helps !!


Of course! It’s really helpful! 🩶🩶🩶

Thank you for recommending me! :white_heart:

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Thank you for confirming and thank you Kiki for your help! I couldn’t find exactly what I needed from any of the drive files but I did find something on a recommended website for free stock images and made for sure it was a royalty free image

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Of course! Hope everything goes well! 🩶