Need help with an overlay! <3

Hello everybody!

I cannot find the table as an overlay, I don’t know if it’s just me or there legit isn’t an overlay for the pink table :melting_face:


But if anybody can then I’ll really appreciate if somebody could make a overlay for the pink table? :hugs:

Something like this?

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They are good and something I can use! Thank you

But I meant the pink table :joy: forgot to specify

There are overlays in @ColeCatalyst 's drive. Here’s her thread-

Apologies if you did not wish to be tagged.

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Thanks for sharing my link :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure I’ve done this background -

@Rosie.xoxo check the top post of my link for the background name - I’ve made it a point to list the ones I’ve done so far for everyone to see at a glance - kind of an index to my drive. lol


It’s perfect! Thank you @ColeCatalyst

And thank you @CherryPicked


Pink table?

Yeah? :sweat_smile: Kinda confused

Maybe I’m blind, but what pink table?

Just looked at the background again! :joy: It’s only the chairs that are pink ahah

Okay! I was confused cause @/ColeCatalyst’s overlays are also in the first link. :joy::sob:

It was my mistake ahaha, I saw something about you having a script for a party for that background.
Or am I mistaken? :blush:

Yes, I do!

Is that maybe something I can use? I really liked the video of your template!
Of course with credit! :purple_heart:

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Yep, I’ll dm you

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