Need some to add sound to my script

Okay so basically I’m not good with sound and music of episode so I was wondering if there’s someone that can add sounds to my script, on every chapter not only 1 or 2 (I’m still on the second chapter so yeah…)

Credit will be given of course!


Hi hun, I can help. Pm me!

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the basics of sounds and music:

  • use the command music music_name to input music into your script (sounds added with the music command loop continuously until you turn them off).
    • to turn off music, use the command music off.
  • use the command sound sound_name to input non-looping sounds into your script (best used for quick sound effects).
    • to turn off sounds, use the command sound off.

you can learn more about sounds and music here:

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I know how to use music but thanks :sweat_smile:

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