Need story title and description help

Hi guys,
I will be starting to code my new story soon, but I have no idea what to call it or what description to use.

Story idea/thought:
It’s 1950 and a horror film obsessed wife (MC) wants to become an actor, but her husband disapproves. At night, she sneeks out to an audition and on the way home, she meets a woman (LI) trying to fix her car, but can’t. MC repairs it and LI offers to buy lunch next day. They build up chemistry and they end up habing an affair behind her husband. But she has to tackle the film, her husband and her affair. The aim of the story isn’t to promote having an affair, as the wife divorces him so she can set her head straight with the movie and her girlfriend.

Any help would be much appreciated
Thank you in advanced


It sounds very similar to the story “Glamour” :thinking:


I took inspiration from that story, but my notes that I have written in my book are different

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Do you think that it’ll be a problem with them being close?

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Well if you got inspired by that explicit story, I think it might come close to plagiarism. Especially because of the details like 1950s and the lesbian affair with the filmmaker. I would try making it less specific and adding your own touch.
Let the main idea be simply about a woman who wants to pursue her dream (whatever career, doesn’t have to be actress) but her partner stands in her way. She later falls in love with her boss. :woman_shrugging:


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