Need your opinions!

hey guys! So I came up with a story idea and I would love your opinions!

  • Story tittle : AFTER YOU ( based on the best selling novel series me before you )
  • Genre: romance/drama
  • Ps: The idea is similar and will include some main scenes from the book and movie but there is an entirely new spin to it

  • Female main character
  • you can customize the main character and love interests
  • and also choose a suitable name for the main character

Lara’s world turns upside down after her boyfriends terrifying death, will a mysterious new boy help her fall in love again? ( customize characters ) ( choices matter ) ( multiple endings )

Brief overview:
Lara’s life is turned upside down after her boyfriends death, many questions raised in her mind, as she is forced to move to new York to find a job and move on
Than one night it does
A stranger lands up on laras doorstep dose he hold the answers Lara is searching for or just more than questions?

Any opinions related to the story will be really helpful
And what you would and won’t like to see

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After her boyfriend’s death, be sure to write it right, that took me a few seconds to understand it was just a typo.
Since I found a few other errors, try to be careful.
Anyway, the story doesn’t take many risks about the plot, but it does look appealing. I suggest you don’t maintain too many scenes from the book, Episode can be strict about that.
The choices that matters and multiple endings are some good points for the story since meaningful choices with actual consequences are very liked by the readers.

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Hey there! I really love the novel and movie “Me Before You” but in this case you should keep it original. If you want to write a story, how about make it inspired by the novel. The plot or idea shouldn’t be similar. You should only take ideas from the book, modify it, and make your own ideas. :two_hearts: . You should explore and create a totally different plot! I wish this helps! :heart: If you wanna talk message me :wink:.

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Sure! I will make sure to modify the story and make it orignal and I wasn’t aware of the copyright issue so thanks a lot

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the consequences I will make sure to change the name and plot accordingly

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