Offer by me? a deal? (Reads for Art)


I am offering this thing for past few days.
what it is?

Well it’s simple.

You will have to read my story’s 3-4 chapters and spent at least 15 gems

and in return you will get an Art from me.

I am a commissioned Artist but as I want my story out there really badly so I dong this thing!!

…I really didn’t have idea… in which category will this topic fit. so just chose PROMOTE YOUR STORY… bcz it’s actually is about my story… lol

You will find all the details here about me and my story.




  • You have to read at least 3 chapter and spent at least 15 gems (5 gems per chapter.)
  • You have to send screen shots as a proof in pm/dm

When you will send me ss then I will ask you for your Art details. and what you want.

You have to trust me lol, I have a pretty good reputation so you can trust me I won’t ghost you afterwards… I am not a fraud or something… LOL

Have a nice day/night


Okay I can read your story episode and spend gems


I’m not in need of an art now lol but I’ll read and pay gems when I need :white_heart:

aww thankyou soo much girl.
drop a feedback if you read it. :blush::grin:

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Okay I’ll read and spend gems too :blush:

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tysm :yum:

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I am closing this offer now

@Sydney_H can you please close this topic? :relaxed:

Thankyou so much!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: