Opinions about romance vampire stories

My opinion is that I love romances stories with vampires, but you have to work so hard to write a very good story with vampires. And I say that, because the most romances stories with vampires, I read, seems more or less same, speaking about the plot :thinking:

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Romance vampire stories are super cliche which is what makes them hard to write well, because it’s been done 1000 times. I think that and mafia romance stories are super high up on the list for cliches and most of the stories are all the same :see_no_evil:

I still love a good cliche story though LOL


Agree, to write a vampire story is really difficult. And I say it because I write now a vampire story (almost complete) and I just thought “How I did all this?” :joy:
I remember me many days in front of a computer and non stop writing, it’s so difficult, because you have to have and a good plot…
Mafio stories is one of my favoriteeee!!! Love hopemoon’s stories :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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cliches can still be well written, even if they tell the same tale. happy writing <3


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