[PAUSED to catch up] Liv's Art Request Thread and Story Reviews! Character Edits, Profile Pics, Covers, Splashes, Story Reviews and MORE!


Thank you so much! They look amazing! Also have you published any stories yet?


Yes I have, it’s called Walking the Catwalk


yes, sorry x x


Woahhhh who made your cover?


@ellekay_edits on instagram :slight_smile:


@JackieScott here is your splash. I hope you like it! Don’t forget to credit me @LivLoveDance7


Thank you very much!


Ok I’m gonna check it out!


@mami.writes here is your edit - I am really sorry for the long wait


I love it


@LivLoveDance7 Hello you did me a cover a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering if you could add someone elses name please.
If so, could you put Helped By @Kalizzza


Hey @LivLoveDance7 I was wondering when you finish all the requests you have, would you be able to do some splashes for me??? If so, can you please pm me about it and I can show you what I would like. I understand that you have a lot of requests so don’t worry, I will wait for as long as needed! <3


Sure I will do that as soon as possible


Thank you


Here it is:


Thank you