Place multiple characters in a scene

Hey can someone tell me how to place a Buch of people in a scene and have them do the same action all together

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To have them in the same scene and doing things together or at the same time you just have to write it on the same line.

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Ok thank you , and how to put them all in the scene like some in the front and some in the back

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That’s just layering and spot directing and those can go on the same like as well!

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ok do you mind giving me an example on how to do so, still a little confused

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I’m not on my computer atm but I can when I get home!

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ok thank you so much

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Try looking up videos about basic layers and spot directing on youtube.

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I actually wouldn’t suggest putting it all on the same line as it can get messy and harder to track errors and layers you have them on but that’s my personal opinion. Although that is one way but if you’re not familiar and comfortable with coding, it’ll definitely get messy.

You can have a bunch of people in the scene doing an action at the same time by using & instead of @.

&CHAR1 spot % x y in zone # at layer # and CHAR1 faces side (left/right) and CHAR1 is animation_name_here

&CHAR2 spot % x y in zone # at layer # and CHAR2 faces side (left/right) and CHAR2 is animation_name_here

Etc… continue the format

That example filled out would look something like this:

&CHAR1 spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 at layer 2 and CHAR1 faces left and CHAR1 is idle_jawdrop_awe_loop

OR in general to have them all react at the same time doing the same animation:

&CHAR1 starts idle_jawdrop_awe_loop and CHAR2 starts idle_jawdrop_awe_loop and CHAR3 starts idle_jawdrop_awe_loop

Or you can separate it
&CHAR1 starts idle_jawdrop_awe_loop
&CHAR2 starts idle_jawdrop_awe_loop

Put a @pause for # (# representing number of seconds paused) after that if you want it to pause a little to take in the reaction or for the last reaction use a @ instead of &.

With layers, If you want someone behind use a number below, if you want someone in front use a number higher. So if you have CHAR1 at layer 6, to put someone behind, layer them below 6 (5,4,3,2,1, you can even use negative numbers) if you want someone in front layer them higher than 6 (7+) and so on.

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Thank you

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Thank you so much it worked it looks great :blush:

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