Point System Overlays

Hello episode community,

I’m starting to use the point systems for my first story and I was wondering does anyone make point system overlays? :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit for a better explanation! An Example: Character Name +1

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I don’t understand what u mean :kissing:

An option (button) to check the points?

No an overlay like if a person clicks a choice an overlay pops up that says Character +1 im going to see fi I can find an example

For the point system I think most people just use the readerMessage code if that’s what you mean.

That’s what I’ve seen at least!

Just a random picture of it that I found on Google

Something like this but just with the characters name like if the MC is talking to a friend name Nia depending on what choice the MC makes she’ll get a point and a overlay will pop up that says (Nia+1) or (Nia -1)

I do :slight_smile:

Would you mind making me some please? :sob:

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Not at all :slight_smile: Do you have a specific theme/ design in mind? If not, what’s your story about? I can play around with ideas XD