PORTAL: Overlays rotation in previewer

Hi, Episode!

I wanted to make a suggestion to put a rotation of overlays into portal’s previewer, so that we can test and see it there instead of coding and trying to “guess” the right position every time, and us authors can release new chapters much faster😊

I don’t know, if I put it in the right category, but if you see this, please let me know if you decide to consider this thread!

Also, if anyone wanna support this suggestion and help bringing it to life, please comment that you’d love seeing this too and share with your friends do they can comment as well!:blush:

Anyway, thank you all for taking your time and reading this!!!:hugs:


support and i agree with @amorstefanny


YESSS please @Episode !!! This will make directing so much easier :weary:

Just like we need this for the rotation , we need this for the opacity .
And maybe for the characters, the direction they face?

This would honestly save us A LOT of time…

(lol sorry, I posted this on the wrong account y’all :joy:)


YESS, the opacity would also be SO HELPFUL!!!

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100% agree and support!! :blob_sun:

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Support :sparkling_heart:

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WE NEED THIS SO MUCH! SUPPORT! :sparkling_heart:


Support for the original topic but honestly this! The more we can see/do in the previewer—>the less guesswork we have to do—>the faster we can code scenes/focus more on the plot. I’m praying for a huge update to the previewer that includes all the ideas I’ve seen mentioned (facing R/L, overlay rotation [imagine being able to manually set anchor points :heart_eyes:]+opacity control^, spot directing between zones, rotating characters, more color filter options, etc.) :’44

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