Problem Solved! :3

So Ik the script to change the eye colour temporarily but I want it to change to brown black. But it’s saying it doesn’t exit when it does does anyone know how to write it properly in? Thanks :slight_smile:

Check out: HOW TO: Use the previews and unpreviews directing command 💜 🌙

Quote from there:

Let’s say the MC’s eyes are Violet and you want them to turn Red for a scene:

@CHARACTER previews eyesColor NAME

Using the example in action:

@YOU previews eyesColor Red

The eyes of the character YOU are now Red.

@YOU unpreviews eyesColor Red

The eyes of the character YOU are now back to what they originally had (in this example, Violet)

You can see which features exist by going to Characters, and looking at the choices (exact names are given). Make sure your character’s name is spelled right.

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So either:

@CHAR changes eyesColor into Brown Black

or if they’re a cutomizable character, it’s easier to do:

@CHAR previews eyesColor Brown Black

#replace CHAR with your character’s name.
If you’re still stuck, do show your code.

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Thank you!!

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