Random’s Defy Media rant/spreading the news


So I recently stumbled across a video called “ They stole 1.7 Million “ By The Game Theorists.
When I watched it, I became furious that a company would suddenly shut down and take 1.7 Million dollars from creators. The money didn’t even belong to them.

Let me explain this a little bit.

So Defy Media is a MCN company that creators on the YouTube platform put their trust in.
A MCN company is a company like Machinima that YouTubers use to prevent from getting false copyright claims. In the beginning when YouTube was just started, it was required to be part of a MCN to actually be able to create custom thumbnails and post videos.

The video “ They stole 1.7 Million “ will go in depth more if you want to learn more. It can explain it a lot better than I can.

Anyways, many YouTubers like Smosh, The Game Theorists, etc. ( 50 YouTubers, to be exact…I think ) were affected.

Now this isn’t all about the money, but it’s pretty important also. This is about how a company that so many people put their trust in betrayed them.

Why am I telling you this? You probably don’t care—you’re probably just reading this like “ Oh, whatever “.

I’m telling you this because I feel it’s important to spread the word and help the 50 creators get their money back—get over this huge, devastating thing that happened to them. I ask that you share these videos linked below to your friends, social media, etc.

Thank you for reading this.

Links ( Just a few )

They stole 1.7 million

My thoughts about SMOSH/Defy Media shutting down

MCN Defy Media Shuts Down. Leaving YouTubers Unpaid and Ruined



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