Ranking Glitch!

This is really starting to irritate me. Once again, my rank has glitched and has been stuck since late yesterday. I published a new chapter last night and despite the many reads I’ve had since (and still getting), my rank hasn’t changed, not even by 1.

I’ve filed a support ticket and replied twice to the extremely vague and generic responses i received that didn’t even mention once what my tickets were for. I’m now going to join the many other authors who will refuse to update until this glitch is acknowledged and fixed.


Maybe if episode has some sort of email you can reach them through there?

Or you could contact them with social media.

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I filed a support ticket to which I received this reply, which mentions nothing about what I wrote to them >

I replied with the information they asked for and again, asked if they were aware of the glitch and if it would be fixed. Which led to this reply, and again has no reference to anything I asked >

Reaching out on social media would only gain the reply of Sorry to hear that, please file a support ticket :expressionless: All I’m asking is if they are in the process of fixing the glitch but it appears I’m asking too much.


Damn… There should be more accurate responses!

Idk Episode is going crazy lately…


I used to work in customer service and those both look to me like a copy and paste reply :roll_eyes: I would have been fired for sending a response so vague.

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Then it’s not even the workers fault it’s episodes :T Like you hire people in customer service to answer questions, not be a robot.


My problems are never fixed by support system. I doubt they can help anyone.