Rooftop background needed (urgent)

so i need a rooftop background but this is where it gets awkward. I need something like the EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT but with the edge of the building at the front of the screen so somebody could stand on it (facing the direction to jump off) so another character can stand behind them but the character jumping off is facing the screen and the background is obvious providing the zooms. Can someone help?

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I believe this is just what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

well i haven’t really seen exactly what you are describing, but can these maybe work?
image heres the link for this one (not my work):
link for this one

link for last one

none of these are my work

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aah sort of? I need space for someone kind of like this but with the edge of the building facing the screen so the character behind is kind of like talking over the shoulder

i’m really shit at describing it baha i think if i can’t find anything to my description i’ll use the last one. Thank you! :slight_smile:

no problem! :revolving_hearts:


Do you know who created this background? I would like to use it in my story and want to credit that person :blush: