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Can I see you code, please

uhm I don’t really have a pic 4 dis but how do you do text effects on only 1 part? Ik how to do color, but what about everything else?

You mean you want a list of all the possible text effects you can use?

No like how do I highlight,animate,minimize ony one of the secetion of the text?

ex : Jeremy picked out the best apple.

Idk why I choose that sentence lol

Ah! I see. So you add the text effect in front of the word/section and then reset it at the end of the word/section:

Jeremy | italic|picked| reset | out the | bold |best| reset | apple.

Sounds like a great sentence to me, I’m sure @Jeremy knows his way around an apple lol.




oml yes!!! :joy:

Hi Rude! Hope you don’t mind me asking if there’s any way to scale down the characters in this mode?

I can’t post images yet but link is here imgur . com/a/K65OLvX :slight_smile:

Also another question, is there any way to change character’s features like hair or face shape in the script? I tried to search the guide but I couldn’t find any :frowning:

Hey @joyfuls ! Welcome!!

So that mode is called Spotlight, and I don’t believe there is a way to scale the character because they only appear on screen when you give a character dialogue.

And yes, there is a way to change up character features within the script.
The general command is: @CHAR changes _________ into Feature Name
Here are some examples (INK):

@MICHELLE changes hair into Classic Bob
@BRYAN changes mouth into Full Round

The following is a list of body part names:

  • eyebrows
  • hair
  • eyes
  • face
  • nose
  • mouth
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Is there a code for text to skip automatically (i.e. the viewer doesn’t have to tap on their screen to go to the next line of script)

Hey! Welcome!

No, unfortunately there is no way to forward thru a dialogue line. You can cut out a dialogue box and use it as an overlay and skip thru them automatically. That’s the most you can do.

Do you help in giving story ideas?

Thank you so much <3 Is it possible to change back into normal mode after picking Spotlight?

Hi Rude! Hope you’re well :slight_smile:
I’ve wanted to ask you if you’d know the best way to code one character falling and the second one catching her/him in his arms in LL? What I tried so far looks kinda unnatural :face_with_raised_eyebrow: thank you!

If you want to bounce around some ideas with me, or perhaps talk about a plot point you’re unsure of, I’ll be glad to listen. Feel free to pm me. But, I generally don’t like to suggest a whole story idea, just because I feel that we all are very different people and we can all benefit from listening to our inner author.

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Yes! You can do this by adding the following command at the beginning of your script:

set format cinematic

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I am very unfamiliar with LL animations tbh with you loll. But if you provide me with the code you have so far, I’m sure I can help tweak it a bit. If you don’t want to publicly post it, feel free to pm me.