Should i open a YT channel for custom poses, edits, drawn art, coding and other episode help? Help me and give your suggestions

Hi guys
I have seen a lot of people wanting to learn edits, drawn art, coding and much more for episode And many people face issues while trying to code a story

I will teach how to do the following:
Custom poses, Intros, outros, splashes, custom posed character cards intro outros, covers, coding help (step - by step tutorials on how to code and start a episode story), and much more

So i am thinking of starting a YouTube channel for all episode related stuff to help all our up and coming authors, artists and editors :blush:

But i can’t figure a few things out
So help me figure it out :slight_smile:

  • what should i name the channel?
  • What videos should i make first? (suggestions for All types of videos would also be counted and appreciated? :heart:
  • Any other suggestions of videos, script templates etc.
  • Should i do it with music or voiced audio?
  • What is a good YouTube channel, app or website that will help me edit those videos and learn how to make them better quality? that is free

Help me out please as i wanna help you :heart:

Thank you so much!!!

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Madison episode youtube channel

Intros and Outro plus custom poses and second would be custom pose basic of everything and then coding etc…

Yes script template mini games and video edits plus character edits

Voice audio so better;)

I have no idea sorry can’t help on that part. :frowning:

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