Special Art Scene

I am in need of an art scene. Can anyone make it for me? In turn I can read your story if you have any.

What do you want exactly?

@Cristy May I see some of ur work? Thanks

@Cristy Actually now I came to know, its not art scenes I need splashes.

I can make you that if you want

Can you give some examples?:grin:

Sure, you can go to my post ‘Splashes really quickly’ , you can find there some of my creations, if you want to see more, tell me

@Cristy I saw your examples. They were very nice. You can make me 2 splashes? They are…

  1. This story uses advanced zoom and spot directing (any background of your choice)
  2. This story uses sound (THE BACKGROUND PIC I AM SENDING)

Please adjust those Directing help parts. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I do’t know how to remove them

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Can you send me the details of yours characters?

This is very nice. I will send you the details tomorrow

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Ups, I didn’t see this until today I’ll try to do it today

Okay no problem. I have no hurry, you do it whenever you like

Okay :purple_heart:, you want them with that clothes?

If you can change the girl’s clothes.

Hi Cristy, I was wondering if you still make any splashes. As I really like the one with snow and the trees and I was wondering if you could make the same on with different words. Thanks