Species for Fantasy Story



I’m a fantasy writer, so what I do sometimes is play with the generic ones, I change their normal abilities, I make crazy hybrids, like a fairy with a vampire, but if you’re looking into something new you could take your favorite abilities and put it together in one race and just put a cool name that relates to something you like or you can feel, but play with the word, for example let’s say yo want to relate the name to your last name, just take that and change some letters and the ending of the word, if you know what I mean


A Frillg, devoted to the goddess Frigg.

Frillg can make every plant and creature (except humans) promise to never hurt a certain person. (Ex. The princess.)

Their powers may seem useless, but they have more to it.
So let’s say someone is planning to kill the princess, if they use a Holly for good luck or planned to kill the princess with a dog. The attempt would not work.

Why wouldn’t it work and what next?

  1. If it was a plant, the object the killer would use to kill the princess would turn the other way around and kill the killer.

  2. If it was a creature, the creature would attack the killer instead.