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@pan to zone # in 0

Thanks but I have this:
@zoom on 28 296 to 297% in 1
I just need something like that type of movement.
It does like a middle circle until it arrives idk

Change the @ sign into a & and change 1 into 0

Still the same but don’t worry I’ll somehow figure it out

Thanks anyway

Try easing function.


Try to restart your laptop. None of my previews were working and now they do.
Except for the ones where you preview the episode but maybe it’ll help you

Thanks I’ll try it :purple_heart:

Does anybody know how to access episode social?

Unfortunately not everyone has the social feed (can support this: APP: Social Feed for EVERYONE ) it’s been over a year and I still don’t have it :sob:

We discussed about our sadness here: What happened to Episode Feed?!

Episode’s tweet on it:


Thank you!


Hey @SkyM do you think you can help me again? I’m having trouble with letting my character walk into a scene here is the script

&LEON WOODS walks to screen center AND LEON WOODS is walk_neutral

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Is the character already on screen in a different zone? If not you should put
&LEON WOODS enters from left/right to screen center AND LEON WOODS is walk_neutral

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I want him to kept walking not just in one spot yet

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@LEON WOODS spot 1.280 71 21 AND LEON WOODS is walk_neutral AND LEON WOODS is faces right i want him to face the opposite direction

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Instead of putting ‘AND LEON WOODS faces right’ you would put AND LEON WOODS faces left
if you want him rear put
AND LEON WOODS is walk_rear (forgot the animation) AND LEON WOODS faces left/right

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How do you give ink characters limelight clothes? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I still can’t do it :frowning: Help will be much appreciated! <3

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What? Idk what you mean.

Here I am with another question:

Can anyone confirm that the “naming choices” method of remembering choices will remember the choice later on in the story? I know that gains will stay for the entire story, but I haven’t seen any definite proof that the “naming choices” method works between episodes.

Sample text if you don't know what I'm talking about

—Episode 1—
What would you like to eat?

choice (FOOD)





—end episode 1—
—Episode 2—

What did you eat, Stella?

if (FOOD is “Donut”){

I had a donut.


I had a sandwich.


I can work with gains, just that it would involve restructuring several lines, and I’d like to know for sure either way haha.

Edit for anyone reading this: Sky confirmed that yes, the naming choices method does remember choices that happened in earlier episodes.

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Give me on minute